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Also known as the Hope Creek Nature Trail. . .

Githens Middle School - This is classically reported as the best entrance to the trial although it is not my preferred.   Pull into Githens off of Old Chapel Hill Road and stay right. [adalat 10mg pills $253.00]   Park near the softball field.   There are multiple warning signs about only being on school property during school hours.   Walk to the farthest right corner of the track and you'll see a path heading down into the woods.   From here it is a boring walk through a clearcut area to the actual trailhead on the right.   There are a few unmarked trails to the left that I have not explored.   The entrance in relation to the track can be seen here. . . Watkins Road Access - This is a much better entrance with only a short pretty walk to the actual trailhead.   adalat 10mg pills $253.00 This is at the corner of Hopedale and Southwest Durham Road.   It is a private neighborhood so be considerate with parking.
The trail loop is an exploration of the New Hope Creek flood plain.   Uprooted trees from the wet soil are common and add interest throughout the hike. Adalat 10mg pills $253.00   wooden bridges allow easy, dry hiking over the wet areas.   Small collections of swamp is visable through a large section of the walk.   Wooden fowl boxes are posted in several places. The highlight of the trip is an easy access point to the flowing creek with its sandy beaches.   From the Githens entrance, the creek is near the right (counterclockwise) portion of the loop.   So if you like saving the best for last, take the left, clockwise selection of the loop from the Githens entrance.   The Watkins Road entrance is probably equal distance from the creek either way.
Some mild spraypaint graffiti exists near the Githins entrance.   A couple of short crossings of powerline clearings are required.
Kids' Interests:
  • Wood footbridges
  • Toads and frogs
  • Ferns and flowers
  • Overturned, uprooted trees
  • The swamp and the creek
  • Freshwater mussel shells
  • Difficulty:  Easy, Flat, and Shaded
  • Surface: Natural
  • Bicycles: No
  • Length: 2. 2 Miles
  • Blazes: Brown posts.
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