Jordan Lake Bald Eagle Observation Trail

A lakeside chance to view bald eagles…


Exit off highway 40 going south on 751. The right turn into the parking lot is marked by a small brown binocular sign. The parking area is about 6 miles from highway 40 and is .45 miles after the bridge crossing Jordan Lake.


In the parking lot is a posting describing the loop. Several wooden markers with numbers around the trails have been established; however, there is very little information available to the significance of these numbers. The trail forks early. The right, northern part of the trail is obviously more travelled and is the shortest path to the observation deck.

Coming out of the forest, the observation deck is at a small point into the lake. A small island is nearby. With some binoculars and a little patience, bald eagles can frequently be seen here. The sandy soil here makes for good picnics and dog/child play. At this time, the observation deck has actually received a ton of weather damage and is of little use.


Returning back into the forest, the southern leg of the loop is longer, more wooded, and feels more like a traditional hike.

Throughout the hike, multiple smaller trees have been marked for clearing. The post in the parking lot suggests that this is to lighten the thick canopy.

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