Eno: Buckquarter Creek Trail

From a ford to a waterfall



From I-85 take exit 173 onto Cole Mill Road north. The road ends at the park. After you pass the park office on the right, take the first right. Google maps gives good directions.


The Buckquarter Creek Trail is the base trail for several interesting Few’s Ford hikes. However, this trail in solo has both wonderful scenery and a challenging climb. IMG_1817After just a few yards, the trail opens up at Few’s Ford. In reference to the picture to the left, you approach the ford where the truck (ironically, a Chevy) is sitting. After your trek is over, this is a nice place to wade across the river to cool your heels. My kids would have played in the ford all day. The ford is formed by river stones so water footwear is highly recommended for play here.

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Following the trail along the river, you will mirror the Fanny’s Ford trail for a bit. This includes crossing a wooden overlook that views the small but roaring falls.

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The trail breaks away from the Eno and follows the Buckquarter Creek for a short way. One may cross the creek at a wooden bridge to add the Holden Mill Trail to this hike. Soon the trail turns east and starts to gain elevation. The take off to the Ridge trail is found here. The southeast return to the trailhead is the most difficult of the loop. Aug_iphone 062The two steep hills provide nice cardiovascular stimulation before you close the loop back at the ford.


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You gotta love it when you see a family of deer on the way out of the park too…


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