Cole Mill and Bobbitts Hole Revisited

For all the details regarding this hike, please visit our previous Cole Mill and Bobbitts Hole Trails post.

The Eno is finally full again after some desperately needed rain. My daughter was itching to see the raging river so we revisited the 2.6 mile dual loop. Although the hike has not changed since my previous post about it, I wanted to post a few pictures documenting this new experience. Click on the pictures to see them much bigger…

My daughter was leader for the majority of the hike…

I have never heard that there was an old homestead on this trail. However, the patch of buttercups erupting in the woods nearby may hint of one.

From the turtles sunning themselves to the last few fall colors, this hike surrounds with beautiful nature.

The lack of leaves this time of year exposes the beauty of raw wood. Gnarled or termite-patterned, the trees really stand out.

No polarizing filter. No photoshop. I promise that this was really the color of the sky.
eno_march_2007 39

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